In my professional life I am a lawyer – chief justice of a major Danish district court.

In my free time I use a lot of time as a – self taught and now semi-professional – musician. Using more and more time playing with skilled singers and performing at private venues. Great fun – and very different from my main occupation.

I started playing the piano/keyboard at the age of 13. Since then I have played a lot of different keyboards/church organs – with a lot of breaks during the years.

I favour any kind of music – pop, jazz, musical, classic – you name it…

When I began seriously to take up my old hobby again about 6 years ago I started playing alone. But I find it more and more challenging to play along with good singers. Trying to bring out the best of their voices and to complement the singing with decent background music.

During the years I have recorded tons of different songs. I have tried to collect the best playing I can produce in the links I produce here  – sometimes helped by my great singing companions:

Thank you

Torben Goldin

I know why (new).mp3

Evacuate the dance floor.mp3

Ai se eu te pego.mp3

Carmen Intermezzo.mp3

Mercy - Lily.mp3

Still got the blues.mp3

Ballade pour Adeline.mp3


Warsaw Concerto - Addinsell.mp3

When the rain begins to fall.mp3

My funny valentine.mp3

Next to me (vocal).mp3

You raise me up.mp3

Humming chorus.mp3

Cavalleria Rusticana.mp3

Rolling in the deep.mp3


This is the life.mp3

Ain't no sunshine.mp3

Gone too soon - 1.mp3


Chariots of fire.mp3

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