Brief Biography of 'Snarky' aka Jim Bain

Born in 1942 and raised in a mill town to the East of Manchester. At the age of eight  I was 'forced' by my parents to take piano lessons. I passed a few exams but by age 12 had given up learning. However I had learned to read music and already developed a limited ability to also play by ear.

In my late teens I realised there was earning potential in piano playing so took more lessons, mainly to learn syncopation, eventually becoming good enough to earn a few extra bob by playing in pubs & clubs at weekends. Later I teamed up with a drummer and also performed at weddings & parties etc.

Getting married, setting up home in Stockport and a change of career (proper job) meant I stopped performing and for a while played very little.  However I did become a Brass bandsman for five years, learning to play various Brass instruments below cornet. In the early 80's and with a young family I purchased a second hand Yamaha EL Series Organ. However while I enjoyed playing it for a while, I never mastered the pedal board and eventually became bored with it's limitations.  Especially lack of recording facility.

Following retirement from work I decided I wanted to renew my musical activity, purely as a hobby, so began looking around for a keyboard instrument with recording capabilities and discovered Arranger Keyboards.

Consequently in 2008 I acquired a brand new Yamaha PSR S700 Model thus beginning a very steep learning curve of button pushing. Having developed new skills and playing technique and gained much 'know how' from Web Forums such as YPKO & PSR Tutorial, when  theTyros4 arrived I upgraded and am again on a learning curve though less steep.
Mostly I play by ear but often will use the dots if I have the score, especially for classical or more serious music.  My repertoire here so far is all produced on my PSR S-700.  Tyros 4 productions will follow in due course......

Regards, Jim.

Flowers in the Rain.mp3


I Only Want to Be With You.mp3

The Girl of My Best Friend.mp3

If You Loved Me Really Loved Me.mp3

Mr. Blue.mp3

You've Got Your Troubles.mp3

I Started a Joke.mp3

Nella Fantasia.mp3

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me.mp3

I Won't Send Roses.mp3

World Without Love.mp3

Sugar Sugar.mp3

Two Sleepy People.mp3


 Jim Bain


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