Hello, I am Dennis.

I started my musical interests when I was 7 with the violin. It did not take me long to realise that my ear was not keen enough to play true. It was suggested that I desist.
My great grandfather had a melodeon, which I still have. It was passed to my grandfather who prohibited anyone to touch it. However, when he went to the pub I took it down and played it. Later, when I was in the navy, I bought a Honer Erica in Suva Fiji and played that. Not too much later, after I left the navy I started collecting 5 row button accordions and then a good piano key accordion, ending up with a top range electronic accordion which I played in an Old Time dance band. I swapped this for my first Lowery organ. I played very badly and when I wanted to upgrade I was told NO unless I played properly. After a range of Lowerys I bought into the Yamaha PSR1100. I missed the organ flutes so as soon as the PSR S900 came available I bought that. I cannot explain the difficulties I had persuading my good lady that I should part with the money. I now play at rest homes and in church and try to play all the correct left hand chords.

So that is Dennis.



Let the Rest of the world-Dennis.mp3

My Happiness-Dennis.mp3

Love is Blue-Dennis.mp3

Love me tender - Dennis.mp3


September In The Rain -Dennis.mp3

Walzing Matilda-Dennis.mp3


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