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I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and because of this situation we are known as “Yoopers”  My home is about a half hour ride from town and that puts it in a very rural area surrounded by Forest and numerous Lakes and Rivers. I have a darling Shi-Tzu puppy who sometimes sings her favorite song (How much is that doggie in the window) with me when I do it on my K.B. We do a lot of riding on our ATV’s when the weather is permitting and I’m not getting ready for a Gig.

I do love music so much and always did, even though I didn’t have lessons or an instrument when I was growing up. I would do chores for my cousin Kirt and he would let me play his accordion for a while. He did get lessons and plenty of training and moved on to perform professionally. He played the main Pipe Organ at the Washington DC Cathedral and retiring from that job a few years ago.

I started out with my first KB about 15 years ago and it was a Casio, I later upgraded to a Technics 3000 and later a 6500. When Technics closed their doors I went to the Korg PA 800 which you will see on a couple of video clips and now I have my wonderful Tyros 4 and I love it.


Here I am on a Gig in Norway and a News Clipping.

Paula D, one woman Band will be playing at the Norway Senior Centre on Friday, Jan 21, from 7pm to 10 pm. Cover Charge is $5 which includes snacks and sweets. Paula plays the Keyboards.

 Paula DuFresne

 My Songs performed on Tyros 4 & Korg pa800, hope you enjoy them!

Mountain DewT4-Paula.mp3

Manhattan on Tyros4-Paula.mp3

Our Time-Paula Own composition.mp3

Look at Us-PaulaD.mp3

Apartment No 9-PaulaD.mp3

Smoke gets in your eyes PD.mp3

Swinging doors-PaulaD.mp3

Mr Sandman-PaulaD.MP3


 Just a bit of Fun on my old keyboard the pa 800....

Performing in an animation clip of the New York subway!
My darling Shi-Tzu 'Petina' who some time sings her favorite song


Polka fun on Tyros4

Performed on Tyros 4

Paula DuFresne



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