I am located in a little village north of Dublin,
where I live with my beautiful wife and our 2 youngest children
I have two older ones living in Guernsey Channel Islands.

I am playing piano since I was 12 but hated it then
and didn't stick to the lessons very long. I took up playing Keyboards about 20 years ago, and do a little gigging at the week ends. My gigging partner Chris is a very versatile vocalist and can sing any genre of song.  I am a retired artist (Sculpter) and  retired when I had two injuries to my hands so I decided not to tempt fate and to keep my hands for playing music....my first love...
My friends and I (Frank and Richard) get together every
Thursday night for a bit of fun, which includes a little recording....when they're in the humour.  As I said I have 4
children and 6 grandchildren, unfortunately I don't get to see them often enough and time is passing by so quickly.  My short term ambition is to get a T4 but its not very likely as the money is very high....I might have to wait until they come on the second-hand market....a long wait I think...
I spend some time composing, but haven't had that big
hit yet, but I am optimistic.
I love this forum as the people are so friendly and they are very
active in commenting......this is good.
I don't think there is much more I can tell you except
to wish you well with the forum....

Leo Dunne & Friends


Dragonflies mix.mp3


I love you mix 1.mp3

He'll have to go-LeoD.mp3

Midnight in Moscow.mp3

Wonderful Tonight.mp3

Beautiful Dreamer.mp3

Tarry mix.mp3

Sweet dreams of you.mp3

If I had my life.mp3

Love Conquers mix.mp3

Isle of Inisfree.mp3

40 Shades Green-LeoD.mp3

Beautiful Dreamer-lEOd.mp3



Seasons in the sun mix-LeoD.mp3

Ora pro Nobis-LeoD.mp3

How can you buy Killarney.mp3

Folsom Prison-LeoD.mp3

You may be right-LeoD.mp3

Sweet dreams of you-LeoD.mp3


Leo Dunne.

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