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I started playing piano when I was around 10 years old. At that time, my family moved into a house which had a neglected upright piano in one of the rooms. The piano was out of tune and needed several repairs to broken keys. A local piano tuner carried out the repairs and tuned it as well as he could. There was also a piano stool, which contained old sheet music and I taught myself to read music and to play the piano from an old Piano Tutor book. I well remember the painstaking effort to perfect the right hand and then the left for my very first piece. Only to be followed by having to play them both together !

Due to moving house we had to swap the piano for a Yamaha organ and I owned 3 organs over the next few years, the last 2 being from the Yamaha HS series, and eventually succeeded in adding some sort of a left foot pedal technique to my playing.

For a good many years my interest in playing dwindled to just the occasional session, as I lacked any real outlet for my music. My interest was, however, renewed when I bought my first keyboard and was re-awoken each time I upgraded. I particularly enjoyed owning the PSR2000, 3000 and Tyros 2.

My discovery of the internet and what it can do to aide the musician was a revelation. The friendship which the various groups/forums provide to we keyboardists took me from a solo home player to part of an international family of players, generous with their time, advice and encouragement.

My only public performing has consisted of a few charity concerts, providing backing music to a troupe of performers and appearances at the YPKO meet-ups. But who knows, one day I may still be famous !

Chris Bell









Chris Bell - Chopin Prelude in EMinor Op28 No4.mp3

Chris Bell - Elizabethan Serenade.mp3

Chris Bell - Nimrod.mp3

Chris Bell - Superman March.mp3

Chris Bell - The Thieving Magpie.mp3

Besame Mucho -Ipanema.mp3


Chris Bell


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