I enjoy playing most genres of music, and although I can read music, I prefer to play by ear as there is more creativity involved when you play from the heart.     After over 40 years of gigging, I’ve owned many keyboards, but over the last 10 years in England,  I have been playing Yamahas.   First a PSR 740, then a 2100, followed by a 9000, then a Tyros 1 (Hated it !!), a 9000 Pro, and next was one of the first owners of the (then) new PSR  S-900.

I recently had a short spell with a Technics KN7000 Keyboard - a fantastic machine,  but we didn't get on, so in August 2011,  I bought the latest affordable new Yamaha - the PSR S-910, which I love!

All of my music is played and recorded using the multi-track function.   I feel this gives me the flexibility as an artist to make changes to any song, any time.

Presented here, for your pleasure, is the music I create, and hope it brings you enjoyment…

Best wishes, Sunny H....




A selection of my songs performed and recorded on my Yamaha psr s900 Keyboard. More of my songs can be found HERE











Songs performed on my psr s910 Keyboard

Country Roads-SH S910.mp3

Glory of Love sh s910.mp3

Sunny Haddleton

Opposite: The picture was taken of my Band of 20 years 'Badly Bent' on stage at 'The CrossCreek Bar', Myrtle Creek, Oregon in 1984

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