About Me...

Born in the UK, live in North Wales. My name is Keith Ball and I am a Keyboard Enthusiast. I have been playing Arranger Keyboards on and off since 2000 and am self taught and still consider myself to be on the learning curve. 

I have owned and enjoyed many keyboards in this time to include Yamaha, Korg, Roland and Technics boards. Currently own a Tyros4 and Korg pa3x pro. I have written several pieces of music that I have added to my own Video's mostly by combining my love of music and Holidays and my Pictures that I've taken around the world.

 I have several Enthusiast Websites and this is also one of my 'pastimes'

A selection of my recorded music on SoundCloud  HERE

A selection of my Video's  & Own Compositions










 Hope you enjoyed the Show! Keith.

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